Implant Dentures

On May 20, 2017

Implant Dentures

Teeth can be removed for a variety of reasons, but without teeth, eating and talking can prove to be very difficult, not to mention the embarrassment of having unsightly gaps in their smile.

Some people can have bridges to replace the missing teeth, but this can result in a great deal of natural tooth substance being removed, or even worse, cutting into teeth that have no previous restorations. Other options for replacing teeth can be by way of removable dentures, but these too can harm adjacent teeth where they clip on to try to aid their stability.

The gold standard for tooth replacement these days is dental implants and they are thought the best solution to replace missing teeth.

There are some patients that have numerous missing teeth with limited bone, that would require significant bone grafting procedures to have traditional dental implants.

New techniques are now available that allow placement of only 4 titanium dental implants in each jaw, without grafting. Often the teeth can be removed, 4 implants placed and new set of teeth can be provided for you all in the same day. Known as All-on-4TM this is a revolutionary approach developed by Dr Paulo Malo Portugal. He successfully treated his first patient in1998, with this treatment concept and since then, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with his technique. Dr Kate has visited and trained with Dr Malo’s at his clinic in Portugal on two occasions and now successfully treats many cases, from the very simple to the highly complex, double (or Quad) Zygoma cases.

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