Anti Wrinkle Injections

On April 8, 2017

Anti Wrinkle Injections

For anti wrinkle injections in Perth, Dr Kate Morlet-Brown, Karin Vanessa, & Scott McLennan are all experienced and well sought after clinical trainers in the field of anti wrinkle injections and facial injectables who practice at Face Forward, The Aesthetic Academy. The Rose; Medical & Aesthetic Centre is their home and centre of excellence for teaching other clinicians from around the world and here in Australia. Their unique and specialised uses of anti wrinkle injections, and experiences on how to use the various facial injectable products, is invaluable to understanding the special needs of each individual patient.

Each person who experiences anti wrinkle injections at The Rose, do so in a safe, individualized, and discrete practice, that cares for you – after all less is more!

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